Robotic Disinfection
Robotic Disinfection
as a Service (RDaaS)

Our UV-C Robotic Disinfection services are suited for any budget, and size room or facility; and provides for quick and financially viable deployment.

With our partner, OhmniLabs, Inc. we make RDaaS extremely effective and safe using FDA approved methods.  These methods have been 3rd-party, independently tested, by microbiology and environmental service laboratories.

Robotic Disinfection as a Service (RDaaS)

Infection and outbreak control will continue to be a significant issue globally. Our disinfection robot is centered around integrating proven solutions with advanced robotics modules creating innovative products to help industries reopen safely and swiftly returning to business as usual.

Our Solution is effective in virtually any space while essentially eliminating human error. The robot is designed to work fully autonomous using a user-friendly interface allowing for remote operation by everyday cleaning staff.

There has been extensive testing on the autonomous mobile solution that can be deployed quickly into any location using a potent 254nm UV-C light proven by the FDA and recommended by the CDC to eliminate 99.999% of all bacteria, germs and viruses including the COVID-19 virus.


Classrooms, Lacture Halls, Libraries, Laboratories, Dormitories, Gyms, Bathrooms


ERs, ORs, Patients Rooms and Infectious Disease Stations


Airports & Aircrafts, Cruise ship, Subway stations, Buses and other forms of public transport


Assembly Lines, Factory Floors, Storages & Shipping Areas, Canteens, Bathrooms


Hotel & Hostel Rooms, Lobbies, Stores & Showrooms, Restaurants, Bars & Nightclubs


Office Spaces, Boardrooms, Meeting Spaces, Breakrooms & Cafeterias, Trainiing Centers